Construction Jobs: Fluor and Diamond Offshore

Offshore Drilling Ship Discoverer Enterprise

Offshore Drilling Ship Discoverer Enterprise

Most people think about oil drilling, gas fracking and other production jobs when they consider a petroleum career. That is certainly a booming area in the US and many places around the world. There is another area that might be just as interesting and fulfilling: construction.

Once the oil has been pumped out of the ground, it must be processed into all the materials that we use every day. That requires pumping stations, pipelines, refineries, petrochemical plants and even ocean-going vessels of many types. All those facilities must be built and it’s a big job. There are many thousands of construction jobs open all over the world. I’ve got two companies to show you that could change your life. Continue reading

Shaking Hands Right 2

Shaking Hands, The Lobster Claw

Lobster Claw Handshake, Business.Gov.AU

Have you ever encountered the lobster claw handshake? So many people in business were shaking hands badly that the Australian government business arm created the “Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes” video. It covers all the terrible handshakes you are likely to encounter, or use.

I’ll be blunt. You don’t want to shake hands like any of the shakes enumerated in this video. The only good handshake in the entire thing is in the intro before the top 10 countdown starts. That is your model. Continue reading

Nebraska Drilling Permits by County 2013

In 2013, Nebraska issued 185 drilling permits in 12 counties. 83 permits were for oil exploration. The remaining 102 permits were granted for oil development. Notably, there were no permits issued for gas wells.

This reflects an emerging trend in numerous fields across North America. Exploration and production are shifting from natural gas to oil. For fracking jobs, there is no real change. Continue reading

Horizontal Fracking Dominates North America Wells

Horizontal Fracking Dominates Wells in North America

Horizontal Fracking Dominates Wells in North America (click image for full-size view)

The trend toward more horizontal hydraulic fracking wells continues to increase. Compared to vertical and directional wells, horizontal drilling is the clear majority. Recent data from Baker Hughes shows just how completely this trajectory is dominating new wells in North America. Continue reading