Petroleum Jobs

At the oil and gas industry is our focus. We cover the industry from exploration to retail distribution. Lists of drilling rigs and oil wells offer unique insights into current exploration and production trends. Those trends translate into ways of finding a job in the oilfield. Individual articles focus on specific aspects of job search and job interviews.

Oil and Gas Jobs

Find out where the petroleum jobs are in the oil and gas industry. Read company profiles to see if you like what the company does and where it operates. Find out about training programs and benefits. Learn more about the oil and gas business itself. What are the trends driving new careers and jobs? Where can I find oil industry jobs? How is the oil industry segmented?

Finding A Job

The job of finding a job is often the hardest part of employment. It takes long hours of research, preparation, online searches, resume writing, pounding the pavement and job interviews to finally land a job. Changing careers is almost exactly like searching for your first career. Any way you slice it job hunting is hard work. Getting good advice on the job search process can make it easier. There are plenty of job search tips here to help you find the right career and land that job.

Drilling Rigs

Every drop of oil comes out of a well and a drilling rig punched every well. In the states with major oil and gas reserves there are thousands of new wells drilled each year. Find out which businesses are drilling those oil wells, how many and where they are located. Rig lists provide the details of where the jobs are from month to month. Learn which companies are most active. Those are the ones most likely to be hiring in that region.

Oil Wells

Once the hole is drilled, you’ve got a well. Oil wells yield oil. Some wells produce natural gas and a few get both. Fracking can be used to increase the flow in an old oil well. Hydraulic fracturing is also the most common method now used to drill gas wells in North America. Oil well lists provide another way to see where the money and petroleum jobs are.

Commercial Drivers License

Oil and gas drilling operations are so modular now that everything comes into the site by tractor-trailer. Each well site involves hundreds or thousands of truck trips for setup, operations and production. Having a commercial drivers license or CDL can make your job application stand out from the crowd. Even drilling operations need workers with a CDL to move equipment around on the job site. If you really like truck driving, there are many, many opportunities in the oilfield services area and in retail delivery.